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Credit, like most things, is available from a variety of places. You can get credit from a credit union, bank, finance company, department store, and a variety of credit card companies. But what counts is what it costs. Where you go for credit can make a big difference. The true cost of credit may be difficult to compare. Lenders sometimes mislead consumers by quoting add-on or discount rates. Consumers are now protected by truth-in-lending laws which require money lenders to disclose their cost of credit in dollars and also in terms of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The APR is the only true method to compare interest rates.

Northern Tier offers a variety of loan plans and interest rates to suit your borrowing needs. Personal loans are available for almost any need including new and used vehicles, recreational vehicles, debt consolidation, mobile homes, home equity, home improvement, and vacation. Loans are also available for your agricultural needs, such as machinery, equipment and livestock. Farm operation loans are tailored to fit member needs with an approved line of credit.

Many members are making their new and used vehicle shopping even easier by talking to one of our loan officers in advance about a pre-approved loan. This allows them to shop with confidence, knowing their loan has already been approved.

Northern Tier can provide you with financing for your home. The right home at the right price is just the first step. The right mortgage can make your dreams come true, so let Northern Tier help you today!




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