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Lost or Stolen Card Phone Numbers:
Minot AFB

After Hours: Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card

Lost or Stolen Master ATM/Debit Card

ATM/Debit Card Dispute Phone Number:
Monday-Friday From 7AM-7PM CST


REGULAR SHARE SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Each member of Northern Tier must have a minimum balance of $25.00 in their share account. Share accounts may be opened under single ownership or held in joint tenancy with one or more joint owner. If you wish to have a joint owner, both you and the joint owner would have the right to deposit or withdraw from your share account at any time. A statement of account is mailed to each shareholder quarterly.

Money deposited in a share account earns dividends from the date of deposit. Dividends are declared quarterly by the Board of Directors. Share accounts earn daily dividends and are compounded quarterly with a minimal balance requirement.

VACATION SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Members of Northern Tier have the opportunity to invest in a separate savings program. Vacation Savings Account has no minimum balance requirement. Dividends are compounded each quarter with a minimal balance requirement.

CHRISTMAS CLUB SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Members may deposit any amount at any time into this account. Deposits may be made through payroll deduction or cash payments. On November 1st, the full amount of the account is available to the member. Dividends are paid annually.

MONEY MARKET SHARE ACCOUNTS: Northern Tier offers two money market accounts that yield a higher interest rate. Dividends on this account are paid monthly. If the balance falls below the required minimum, no dividend is earned for those days it is below the required minimum. The minimum balance required for the Regular Money Market is $1000 and the Super Money Market is $10,000. Both Money Market Accounts offer its holders an overdraft checking account protection option, the initial card fee waived on Visa travel cards, free cashier's checks, free money order, and 50% discount on safe deposit boxes.

CLUB ACCOUNTS: Organizations have the opportunity to establish a savings account with a minimum balance of $5.00. Dividends are compounded quarterly. Non-profit groups may be exempted from dividends. Club Share Draft Checking Accounts requires no minimum balance and have no monthly service charges.

BUSINESS ACCOUNTS: Area (local) businesses may invest into a savings program with a minimum balance of $25.00. Dividends are compounded quarterly. Members must have a tax payer identification number with this account. There is no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge on the Business Share Draft Checking Account.




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