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Lost or Stolen Card Phone Numbers:
Minot AFB

After Hours: Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card

Lost or Stolen Master ATM/Debit Card

ATM/Debit Card Dispute Phone Number:
Monday-Friday From 7AM-7PM CST




Tomorrow's Leaders Today Club

The Tomorrow's Leaders Today Club (TLT Club) is a special program designed especially for teenagers. Being a member of the TLT Club will give you access to lots of credit union benefits. Among other things, you'll learn more about how the credit union can help you develop positive habits on how to handle your finances. The minimum balance requirement for a TLT savings account is $25 which earns dividends that are paid quarterly.

Who Can Join:
Any credit union member who is 13 to 17 years old.

How do I join?
Stop in at your local Northern Tier Credit Union and fill out an application.

What can a credit union do for me?
Credit unions take a special interest in young people wanting to help you learn how to use financial services and how to save and spend your money wisely.

When you're a credit union member, you can expect to earn more when you save -- and pay less when you borrow -- for a car, school expenses or other purposes. At NTFCU, TLT Club members enjoy the benefits of having share draft checking accounts and DEBT/ATM cards, and much more.


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